Hakodate Wine

Winery Introduction

Hakodate Wine make wine at the winery in the nature rich town of Nanae near Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station and the southern Hokkaido tourist hot spot Onuma Quasi-National Park. At the company store (Budoukan) that adjoins to the main factory, You can enjoy free tastings, store-limited products, and a variety of products using our wine.
Also, you mustn't miss the locally popular wine soft-serve ice-cream (red & white wine). The factory tour are run on bookings where staff explain and guide tours.
We are looking forward to your visit at the main store Budoukan where you can truly experience the joy of wine.

Wine Introduction

Shibare Tied Wine (Kerner) White
Shibare Tied Wine (Kerner) White

Using 100% Kerner grapes cultivated at our contract vineyard in Yoichi, Hokkaido.
The Kerner grapes are frozen to keep them as naturally close to fully ripened as possible, squeezing out only the concentrated part of the grape juice, making a sweet and original wine using the tied method.
Please enjoy the flavor, sweetness, and full-bodied taste born in the northern lands (with an exclusive carton).
Awarded the gold prize at the 2012 Japan Wine Competition.

TitleShibare Tied Wine (Kerner) White
IngredientHokkaido Grape 100% (Kerner)
Typewhite wine, sweet
Alcohol by Volume12%

Nanae Apple Wine Sparkling
Nanae Apple Wine Sparkling

Using 100% Nanae, Hokkaido produced apples from Hakodate Wine's local area. The variety used are 4 types of apple appropriate for wine making.
Work begins just after harvesting, the drained juice is freeze concentrated retaining the original sweetness.
An apple after crushing, by dipping the fruit juice off of all the skin, the manufacturing method involves extracting a lot of the existing fragrance and ingredients from near the skin of a fruit. From this you can taste it as if you are biting into a freshly picked apple. The great taste of the Nanae produced apples is jam packed into each bottle.

TitleNanae Apple Wine Sparkling
IngredientHokkaido Nanae-cho Apple 100% (locally produced)
Typewhite wine, slightly sweet (sparkling)
Alcohol by Volume6%

Hakodate Wine

Where Wine Can Be Purchased

10 minutes from Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station by car.
40 minutes via route 5 from Hakodate Station.
Just before Kamifujishiro Hakodate bus stop.
Company NameHakodate Wine Co.,Ltd.
AddressKamifujishiro 11, Nanae-cho, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido
Business Hours10:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
Winter Season (Nov.-Mar.) 10:00 a.m.-5:00p.m.
Regular Closed DayOpen year-round (excluding New Year's holiday and unscheduled maintenance days)
Tours, Wine tasting, Direct salesDirectly managed store "Budoukan main store", free tasting, free tours
Foreign language supportUnavailable
Note※Factory tours are booked in advance (10:00am-4:00p.m. excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)