Wine Castle
(Ikeda Budo Budo Research Institute of Fermentation)

Winery Introduction

The birthplace of Tokachi wine, Wine Castle, was constructed on a hill with a great view of the Hidaka Mountains.
Wine cellar old dated wines, and 200 French oak barrels of Japanese sparkling wine made in the same exact method for the first time in Japan as Champagne, which you can see up close on a tour resting quietly. In addition, you can purchase local specialty products, sample wines in the free tasting corner, and relax and take in the beauty of Tokachi.

Wine Introduction

Tokachi wine Kiyomi
Tokachi wine Kiyomi

An original wine made from select grapes, Kiyomi citrus type, in Ikeda. An perfectly definitive Tokachi wine, with a gentle hue, refreshing acidity and a bouquet of rich flavors.

TitleTokachi wine Kiyomi
IngredientIkeda, Hokkaido produced Kiyomi
Typered wine, slight acidity
Alcohol by Volume 11.5%

Tokachi Sparkling Wine Bloom White
Tokachi Sparkling Wine Bloom White

Selling sparkling wine prepared using the same production method as French champagne for the first time in Japan. Natural carbon dioxide was kept in the bottle from the second fermentation. It is an elegant and genuine fizzy wine which because of its aging it has a profound flavor from its bouquet and amino acid composition. A great wine not for just aperitifs but meat or fish dishes.

TitleTokachi Sparkling Wine Bloom White
IngredientHokkaido produced Kerner, etc.
Typewhite wine, dry
Alcohol by Volume12%

Wine Castle (Ikeda Budo Budo Research Institute of Fermentation)

Where Wine Can Be Purchased

About 10 minutes on foot from Ikeda Station
About 15 minutes by car from the Eastern Hokkaido Expressway Ikeda interchange
40 minutes by car from Obihiro.
Company Name Ikeda Budo Budo Research Institute of Fermentation
AddressKiyomi 83, Ikeda-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido
Business Hours9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.
Regular Closed DayNew Year's holiday
Tours, Wine tasting, Direct salesFree tours, wine tasting, and direct sales available
Foreign language supportUnavailable
NoteYou can take an unguided look around. Allow yourself around 40 minutes.